Essay Assignment

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This clip explains the process of McDonaldization and interviews George Ritzer on how he sees McDonaldization shaping the current culture.

How do you see McDonaldization shaping your  life? Ritzer suggests religion, family, and education all show elements of McDonaldization. What elements do you see to support this in your experiences with these institutions? What are the principles of McDonaldization? How are they exemplified in our modern culture? Are there good aspects of McDonaldization?

In this essay you should really be thinking about how your social groups (primary and secondary), your social networks, and the formal and informal organizations you belong to are impacted by hyper-rationality (ie McDonaldization). Again… look for that narrative hook that will take the reader through the essay and remember to employ all of the concepts and themes found in the readings.

This essay should be at least 800 words and should be very specific about the terms and concepts mentioned in your book and in the readings for the unit.