PBS: People Like Us: Social Class in America

Click on the link above ( or the segments below) and watch a few of the video clips from People Like Us, a documentary on social class by PBS. Explore the PBS website at http://www.pbs.org/peoplelikeus/about/index.html and learn more about your perceptions, or misperceptions, regarding social class in America.

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  1. Thumbnail2:12 WASP Lessons (FROM PEOPLE LIKE US)

Now, for comparison… watch a few minutes of the 1957 video “Social Class in America” (http://www.archive.org/details/SocialCl1957)

Think about your own experience with social class. Discuss a time when you might have experienced classism, or a time when you might have ridiculed someone because they belonged to a lower class than you. How does social class affect our life chances? Why do you think social class is such an important structure in our society? In other words, why does it even exist at all? How has social class in America changed since 1957?

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